Partnering with Operators and Community Managers to create vibrant, resilient CoLiving Communities

Find out about dynamic and impactful ways to create a healthy culture/community.

What’s the vibe in your community? 
Does everybody understand the roles and governance structure?
Is your communication and messaging aligned?
Do you have productive, generative meetings (small and large)?
Can you create an inclusive and dynamic orientation or kick off that  builds community and instills confidence in Leadership?

Are you providing ongoing training and community building skills: 

– Proactive Communication

– Conflict Resolution,

– MediationFacilitation, 

– Email etiquette etc.?


Sandra Greenstone has over 20 years of experience in Community Building. She is a founding member (1998) of a Co-Housing Community in Ann Arbor, Mi. with hundreds of hours of experience and training in leadership, governance, meeting facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution and diversity work.  She is now bringing these skills to the Co-Living Community and recently completed a Community Building Development Process with Treehouse Cohousing in Los Angeles CA.

Let’s Work Together